Depression led me to my Purpose

Updated: 3 days ago

Being obedient will lead you to your purpose.

I remember I use to work at a T-Mobile call center and once I got there I told my mother than I would be there for 3 years. I don’t know why I said it, I just knew I wasn’t going to be there too long. Completely forgetting what I said, the third year came up and times were getting really depressing. 2016 was a very fasting year for me. I worked as a promoter at a club, and I was talking to this dude who placed me in a mind-blowing situation. Also, I was struggling between who I am and who am I suppose to become. It felt like everything I was doing was rejecting me, even a pimple. I fasted so much that year because I was looking for answers and didn’t know my questions would be answered in obedience. I asked GOD for three things: What am I suppose to do in this life? What am I suppose to do at this job, and where do I live next?

As I look back, I realized GOD answered two questions very clearly to me. He gave me a dream and told me to quit right then and there. Then he told me to live with my mother for a while. My mom, being a very supportive mother understood GOD's word so I didn’t have to explain, she already knew. The night before I quit my job I cried, my mother constantly reminded me of GOD’s character which was relaxing because I was already aware due to an overview of my life. However, I knew that everything I’ve ever kn