Depression led me to my Purpose

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Being obedient will lead you to your purpose.

I remember I use to work at a T-Mobile call center and once I got there I told my mother than I would be there for 3 years. I don’t know why I said it, I just knew I wasn’t going to be there too long. Completely forgetting what I said, the third year came up and times were getting really depressing. 2016 was a very fasting year for me. I worked as a promoter at a club, and I was talking to this dude who placed me in a mind-blowing situation. Also, I was struggling between who I am and who am I suppose to become. It felt like everything I was doing was rejecting me, even a pimple. I fasted so much that year because I was looking for answers and didn’t know my questions would be answered in obedience. I asked GOD for three things: What am I suppose to do in this life? What am I suppose to do at this job, and where do I live next?

As I look back, I realized GOD answered two questions very clearly to me. He gave me a dream and told me to quit right then and there. Then he told me to live with my mother for a while. My mom, being a very supportive mother understood GOD's word so I didn’t have to explain, she already knew. The night before I quit my job I cried, my mother constantly reminded me of GOD’s character which was relaxing because I was already aware due to an overview of my life. However, I knew that everything I’ve ever known was going to change because I refuse to tolerate anything related to depression any longer. When I quit, I had so many friends and people questioning me to the point I became nervous. Then what made matters worse was as soon as I quit I had a gas leak, which drained out my entire account. As I was about to panic, I heard GOD’s voice loud and clear saying to me “I thought I was your source and provider.” I agreed and relaxed.

When I tell you, with no money in my account I felt the most peace. It felt like a weight lifted off of me. Throughout the course of my faith walk, I was able to finish school and there I would discover what the start of my journey would be consistent of. I told GOD that if I’m to work another job of depression, let it be one that helps me finish a purpose. I started working at regions and Sephora and was hoping to be full-time at Sephora, but it didn't happen. And I can see why GOD didn’t allow that to happen, it was the best choice in the field GOD had in store for me. Long story short, other things began happening to me on this journey. My hair fell out while working at Regions because of a stressful field I was lacking passion in. However, working at the job helped me finish school in 6 months. I applied at MAC Cosmética and found the love of my life, makeup and creativity. Plus they were paying me more than any job I was ever at. Oh yes. I forgot to mention that while in school, I had a lovely girl named Lillie show me how to use watercolor paint, and from then, that’s when my life would change.

(To be continued…)

The point is, by walking in obedience, GOD will give you your hearts desire. You must be patient and keep dreaming. For instance, I’ve been all over the states in as little as three years all because I was obedient. Life doesn’t even stress me out as much as it use to. Depending on GOD and trusting HIM is a whole nother realm that when you walk in, you are full with so much peace. Even when the times are difficult, you still have peace.

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Here I was working at a T-Mobile call center a month before I quit in 2016…. My header picture is at Regions call center, the year 2017.

On my grandfather's birthday, I was flown to Honolulu, Hawaii to create a portrait for the MLK Annual Gala.

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